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Razia the Billionaire: Guns are also in the safe. They took everything from us.


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In addition to gold and jewelry, in the safe that was stolen on the morning of Friday, October 15, in a villa in the Mellaro region, there were also three rifles, a rifle, cartridges and hunting belts. All weapons are reported regularly. The safe, which was carried away from the house, was found abandoned in a field in Marzalengo, in the area behind the cemetery, near the bicycle path. He was noticed by a man who was taking the dog for a walk. It was he who alerted the Carabinieri, to whom the robber filed a complaint on the same day on Friday. In addition to the safe, the perpetrators of the robbery abandoned all weapons, keeping valuables.

“There was also a gold necklace for my mother who was in love with it because it was her father’s memory,” said the raid victim, who lives with her mother in a two-storey house in Mellaro. “The other pieces stolen also had economic value, but they also had sentimental value.” They were all ‘survived’ jewels from another robbery six years ago, always in the same house. “On that occasion it was night time and thieves had broken into the house while we were sleeping. We didn’t notice anything until the next morning. Now they really took everything away from us,” said the resident.

On Friday, the thugs acted between 9 and 10.15, when both mother and son were out on a mission. After tearing off a web from the back, they managed to enter, and then, as soon as they entered, they turned everything upside down. Then they saw the safe and decided to take it by weight to force it to empty it quietly. “There must have been at least four,” the robber commented, “because that empty safe weighed about a ton.”

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