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Coach gives advice about love as a couple

Coach gives advice about love as a couple

“a man Who can’t afford you lifestyle They should be avoided.” That is the thought Carla Eliathe 23-year-old tiktoker who gives advice on how to deal with Relations And how to choose your man according to your needs.

At the base, according to a young relationship coach, there would be a theory that a man should be able to afford each date. His videos have gone viral Tik TokYou don’t always get the desired result.

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Entrepreneur theory of relationships

Carla Elia, 23, makes a living teaching women how to find the right man for life and believes in it «Being treated well is the bare minimum». However, his concept of “the good” is mainly concerned with the economic aspect of the couple.

girl San Diego, California, USA said: «In my experience, women are afraid to express their standards. They believe that there are no men who can satisfy them, when in fact there are a whole lot of men with entrepreneurial minds willing to give them away. To find these guys, you have to get into the mindset of being worthy of them».

His videos, which go viral on social networks, often contain expressions that are not appreciated by many users, such as: «We should not be treated as men, but as precious women. A man must understand that he must be in a financial position to be able to invest in a woman. We are investments».

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Criticism of Carla

Carla married her husband, Dustin Elia, 25, in May 2022. The boy has a career in the US Navy and has had no problem supporting her financially, and has stated that a man must have an entrepreneurial mindset to be able to handle the value of a woman.

Her followers recklessly ask her not to pass on this kind of message in 2023, as many women are fighting for their economic independence and I don’t think it’s necessary for a man to pay for it.

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