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Forest City, a completely abandoned $100 billion city

Forest City, a completely abandoned $100 billion city

Forest City, the abandoned city in Malaysia that cost $100 billion.

Jungle City: The new $100 billion city is completely abandoned

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Titanic building complex

The Forest City building complex is located directly facing the sea, in Malaysia, not far from the city of Singapore. The plan for this new city, designed to accommodate more than 700,000 people, includes building a series of high-rise skyscraper-like residential towers reaching approximately 35 floors in height. But the ambitious and expensive project ($100 billion) did not yield any results.

Forest City is a ghost town today

Today, Forest City is a veritable ghost town: designed on an artificial island in the Johor Strait, it has been completely abandoned. Deserted streets, silent roads, empty shops and apartments worry Chinese developer Country Garden, which is in financial difficulties. The 30-square-kilometre city, which was meant to be a digital and vegan paradise, has attracted just 2,000 residents, including a small team of workers who maintain the area. Covid-related restrictions may have discouraged buyers from investing in a second home. The futuristic, smart and technological jungle city is now deserted. Last December, BBC It broadcast an interview with a former resident of the ghost town, who confided that he “managed to escape.” The 30-year-old software engineer settled in Forest City, Indiana skyscraper overlooking the sea, And in a one-bedroom apartment. He told the media: “I didn’t care about the deposit or the money. I just wanted to escape from thereThe young man spoke of his discomfort at the idea of ​​being in such a deserted city, without any kind of life or inhabitant. When he met a BBC journalist in the skyscraper where he lives, he said that “just the idea of ​​returning there gives him goosebumps.”

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