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Amphibious trainer to solve traffic problems

Amphibious trainer to solve traffic problems

On the roads in the morning, traffic exhausts me a lot, maestro Franco Batiato sang: In proper proportions, even the road known as Gardesana often has traffic problems, long queues etc., complicit (sometimes) with accidents or the high tourist flow of a season Summer, or the regular pace of commuters and daily commuting. Crazy idea then, but not so much: What if they tackled the traffic problems on the lake, one day not so far away, they started plowing the waters of the amphibious buses?

write it on Brescia newspaper, which indicates the intuition of a businessman who prefers to remain anonymous at the moment: the idea, as we have read, is “to propose amphibious buses on Lake Garda as an alternative means of communication, at least between some coastal sites”.

Traffic problem in Garda

So, not only boats and ferries, which in fact have never penetrated as a local public transport (unlike other Lombard lakes, such as nearby Sibino Lakes): but buses equipped to travel both on asphalt and in the water to free some. of space on the busy sections of Lake Garda. Indeed, problems are recorded not only on the now famous 45 bis, but also on other particularly busy roads, be it Via Marconi in Desenzano (the city gate) or the equally famous Sp572, the road that crosses the villages of Padenghe, Moniga and Manerba towards Salo.

So what do you do? Put aside the expensive premise of constructing new roads, accessible not only for costs but also for space, and then green-light the imaginative proposal (for now). But it must be determined: so far it is only on paper, perhaps not even, and there is not even the face of those who will carry it forward. Of course, hope is the last to die, also given the (successful) experiences in other European countries.

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Amphibious buses in the world

Here are the experiments that worked, and how: starting with the AmphiCoach, defined as the first river- and lake-capable bus that was fully operational a decade ago in Amsterdam (and also in Rotterdam). Other examples were wasted, just a quick Google search: the first amphibious bus was active in Paris for a few months, Hamburg means, in Germany, or Lisbon in Portugal, Budapest along the Danube, in Stockholm, overseas (in the US) even in Boston.