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Ravenlok, over 500,000 players on Xbox Game Pass: trailer with credits


Ravenlock has exceeded the 500,000 players on Xbox Game Pass: important numbers, the Cococucumber title has succeeded in collecting thanks to its many qualities, which are also emphasized in Trailer with credits From the international press.

“Seeing so many people play Ravenlok on Game Pass is a dream come true,” said director Martin Gauvreau. Over 500,000 players in six weeks represented Incredible achievement And we are so grateful to all Ravenlok and Xbox fans: Thanks for playing, we hope you enjoyed the adventure! “

In our review of Ravenlok we already talked about a fantasy adventure inspired by Alice in Wonderlandwhich features a vast and beautiful world, though essentially devoid of challenge.

Next generation magic

“One of the most exciting things for us was the ability to bring the magical world of Ravenlok to life in 4K at 60fps on Xbox Series X and 1440p at 60fps on Xbox Series S,” Gauvreau added.

“This allowed our unique voxel style to gain definition and thus offer players a higher level of detail, as well as not being immersive on previous generation hardware.”

“At 60 frames per second, Ravenlok looks very smooth, allowing the entire experience to not only boast stunning visual impact, but also excellent responsiveness during combat.”

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