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Alpha stage completed, now playable from start to finish -

Alpha stage completed, now playable from start to finish –

Via an update on EA’s official website, BioWare announced that it has completed work on alpha stage From Dragon Age Dreadnoughtthe new chapter in the highly anticipated RPG series on PC and consoles, and it’s now To play from start to finish. This means that development is in full swing, although we are still far from the end of the business.

“The team is very happy to announce a huge step forward in the development of the game we now know as Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. We have just completed the alpha phase!”

“So far, we’ve worked a lot on different parts of the game, but only in the alpha phase the game shows its face. Now, for the first time, we can experience the entire game, from the beginning scenes from the first mission to the end. We can see, hear, feel and play it all as a monolithic experience. “.

Next, McKay specifies that in any case, the development of the Dragon Age Dreadwolf is still far from conclusion. However, completing the Alpha program is an important milestone anyway, as developers can now gather feedback from multiple sources, in order to focus the studio’s efforts as efficiently as possible.

“The game is clearly not over yet, but Alfa is one of the most important milestones in game development for a number of reasons. First of all, we can now aim for visual fidelity to its final form and implement iterations. Game features. Now the key question is, ‘Where do we focus? Our efforts?” More time to improve the experience.”

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In addition, we can now assess the pace of the game, how relationships develop over time, player progression, narrative coherence – essentially, how the entire story unfolds. We can resume the story. We wrote it and see if we express it well through the characters and dialogue. stories and ultimately the player’s journey. Now that we have the ability to play a game from start to finish, we can iterate and improve the gameplay. The things that matter most to us fans.”

McKay also revealed that in Dragon Age Dreadwolf, players will be able to explore parts of the world that are only hinted at in the game’s background. One of these will be Minrathousethe capital of the Teventer Empire, described as “a city built and fueled by magic, and it is surprising to see the ways in which it is expressed in its visual identity, and compare to previous cities visited in the Dragon Age”.

In conclusion, McKay adds that Dreadwolf isn’t the only thing cooking in Bioware. For example, as we know, the EA studio is also working on the next Mass Effect game with a team of veterans.

Now that the Alpha phase of Dragon Age Dreadwolf is complete, we’re finally hoping to see the game in action with a playable promo in the near future, who knows maybe already during The Game Awards 2022 in December.