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Rallies, insults, parades at trials, and the wild slalom of Donald Trump News

Rallies, insults, parades at trials, and the wild slalom of Donald Trump News

Donald Trump is moving energetically, no matter how destructively, towards the Republican Party's nomination to return to the White House: Ron DeSantis' candidacy has now collapsed (He gambled everything on Iowa, and now has little money left and financiers on the run, while many analysts suggest an honorable retreat before further brutal defeats.) Five days before the New Hampshire primary, the former president walks back his praise (“So great, so capable”). Addressed to Nikki Haley in her victory speech in Iowa and goes back to shooting nothing. Not only accusations about his political abilities (“humble, too weak”), but also racially motivated insults and lies: he began using one of his first names again, Nimarata, given to her by her Indian parents at birth and deliberately mutilated.

He then even tried to argue that Nikki was ineligible because her parents were not yet US citizens when she was born. He knows he's saying things that are unfounded (Hailey was born in South Carolina and is a US citizen).But he became a celebrity of his time when he falsely claimed that Obama was not American. So why don't we continue on this path?

And while he's doing that, he's also pitching it to two television networks, CNN H nbc“The government should take away his license because they didn't broadcast my speech after the victory in Iowa: it was unheard of.” Things aren't quite that way: Both networks are broadcasting it, though not in full, and the FCC, the federal communications agency, doesn't grant any cable TV licenses.. To challenge their actions, you have to resort to the regular courts.

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Details are not important to him, because thanks to his overwhelming rhetoric he continues to restore consensus. Opinion polls also give him an absolute majority in New Hampshire, the only state where Nikkei enjoys broad support (34%). DeSantiswhich is trying to focus on the next phase of South Carolina, is instead credited with just 5%.

Even though he has a clear advantage, Trump continues to act like a bulldozer: He wants to create a scorched earth and shut down the core game from the beginning. Committed to showing that he has far more energy than Biden, he continues to move between rallies across America and courtrooms where proceedings against him are taking place. He's not required to be there, but since he's managed to turn the 91 criminal charges into several accolades to show his constituents, he's always ready to show up in the dock to challenge his accusers, and oftentimes, brazenly. Even the judges.

It happened again yesterday: He appeared for the second time in court in New York where the civil trial is underway in the sexual assault case he allegedly committed in 1996 against Jean Carroll. She only recently reported him because she felt defamed by Trump in 2019, when he was presidentShe attacked her after publishing her memoirs in which she recounted the alleged sexual assault more than a quarter of a century ago.

With his usual brazenness, Trump claimed that Carroll (who wants $10 million in damages) suffered no damages but only benefited from a media case that he used to gain publicity, and make money from it. He defined his compensation request as extortion. In the courtroom, he continued to shake his head, pound the table with his fists, and loudly call her a liar. The judge asked him several times to respect court order and not interfere with the jury. He threatens him with eviction, but he also realizes that he can't wait to make an offer: a perfect metaphor for the intersection between justice and the countryside. Trump is also regaining consensus among educated voters and graduate Republicans, the only demographic that has remained hostile to him: They are backing him primarily because they see him as a victim of judicial persecution.

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