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What happened today, January 16th?

What happened today, January 16th?

The body of the 30-year-old Romanian mother of four children was found in the Piave area last May.

Denial is now raining down on those who questioned the authenticity of the restaurant owner's post: “You have to die, we are coming to look for you.”

The 11th Social Security Pathways Report was presented. President Brambilla: “Sustainable system, but 40% of pensioners receiving assistance is a figure that does not correspond to the real country”

Swg Radar results: On the center-left, 72% don't want big names on the list. The League line loses in the regional elections: yes to the failure of the outgoing president to be renominated. There is no objection to the third chapter. Among parties, the Democratic Party is growing, while FDI is declining

After three days, the search stopped. The last sighting was last Thursday.

The former captain has signed for six months with the option to extend for a further season should we qualify for the next Champions League

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard launched a large-scale operation: “to destroy the Mossad headquarters in Erbil.” Baghdad: “Our sovereignty has been violated” and recalls its ambassador to Tehran. Power outage in Gaza

The Democratic leader's campaign is focusing on the dangers to democracy, hoping to motivate supporters, as happened in the midterm elections: “We cannot risk Trump leading the country again.”

The first rulings of the guarantor have been published online, and are a starting point for opening a technical table with trade associations. But the first changes are already significant

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In her podcast Let's Be Clear, the actress spoke about what it would be like: “Obviously I would like to live longer, but it's good that everything is ready.”