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Rai’s upper management does not like being active on OnlyFans

Rai’s upper management does not like being active on OnlyFans

After arguing with Pino Insegno over the decision not to include Ainett Stephens in the new Merchant version of the show, Davide Maggio reveals the reasons why Rai’s upper management would have excluded the former Black Cat from the format.

Not to return Annette Stephens to Merchant at the fair The reason for the discrepancy between the woman was the former protagonist of the program in the role of black catand Mosul Benu I study. After announcing the return to television in the format (it will be broadcast on Rai2 starting next fall), the presenter said that the showgirl has returned from Big Brother VIP, she will not return to the role that made her popular. However, the reason given seemed unpleasant. “The new black cat? We are looking for him. Ennet has grown up a little, many years have passedInsegno declared, suggesting that Ainett’s exclusion could be attributed to personal reasons.

Aint Stevens’ response: “Pino Insigno apologises”

The woman did not like Insegno’s statements about her and asked him to apologize publicly, accusing him of being Defamation of age. “The posting person in question made a comment saying they didn’t reconfirm me because I was too old. I was saddened by this, because today I see that there are people who are also of important age and have remained attached to the ancient legacy according to which women at the age of forty.My eyes thundered:

The forties are more beautiful than the thirties and twenties because today I have more awareness, and I do not feel the insecurities that worried me when I was twenty years old now. Today’s woman no longer has to worry about not looking good, because we have the power to express ourselves and we no longer live subjugated by boys. And this luxury that we can enjoy has benefited our physical and mental appearance, so we are more radiant. I feel more alive than ever, fresher than ever, and more awesome than ever. I’m sorry if I used the wrong term, I’d like to at least apologize.

David Maggio: “Al-Rai’s senior management refused to return Ainette Stephens”

But secondly David May, the reasons for Enette’s exclusion from The Merchant in the Fair will not be related to the age of the gorgeous showgirl. “There will be no age to suggest that Einait be excluded, as the time with the Venezuelan has been more than forgiving. What would have made Ray’s upper management turn up their noses was his activity on OnlyFans, a controversial social network in which creators themselves appear, often and willingly, in moments of intimacy.reads the site.

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