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Quitting your job and becoming a YouTuber: How many views do you need to earn

To start earning on YouTube, you must have collected at least 4000 views in the past 12 months.

So let’s try to understand how much YouTube pays What are the criteria for evaluating the channel? Determine the total gain.

Youtube solofinanza.t

How to make money on YouTube? Platform standards

As mentioned earlier, to make money with YouTube, there are many options for which It is not easy to determine the compensation to be charged by the originator.

YouTube doesn’t pay for views of posted content but it does offer one expenses For other complementary items to watch a video, such as Advertising. Obviously, this has an indirect effect, which is: The more views on YouTube, the higher the financial reward.

To give you an idea of ​​how complicated it is to calculate how much you earn on YouTube, Let’s take advertising as an example. a to meDr It can be evaluated on the basis of CPM – Cost per 1000 views – or CPCCPC -. Almost the same number of videos Advertisement and Views Two YouTubers can earn completely different numbers because they are rated on different metrics. (views vs clicks).

Youtube earning strategies; I’m 6

There are many strategies available to monetize with YouTubemuch of it comes from simple use of the platform:

  1. Join the YouTube Partner Program
  2. make money with youtube Sell ​​your products
  3. Finance your project Thanks to crowdfunding
  4. Depends on Fan Funding
  5. Allow third parties to use your content
  6. Working with other companies like influential

Let’s see how these strategies work in detail:

  1. Join the YouTube Partner Program:
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YouTube Partner Program It allows video content creators to access many of the features offered by the platform.

  • Creator Support Team
  • Copyright Matching Tool
  • monetization function

Obviously to make money on YouTube It must be proven that the platform has a suitable channel and is worthy of this opportunity. Therefore, it is necessary to meet the requirements to join the Partner Program And for you to monetize a video with ads.

2. Make money with YouTube Sell ​​your products

If you have a YouTube channel with the following, Your fans may be interested in purchasing products related to your brand

In addition to being another way to make money on YouTube, Selling customized products brings additional benefits. In fact, it will transfer your channel to the real world, It will strengthen the relationship with your fans and greatly increase your visibility.

Your fans will then become a kind of passive speaker for your channel. their friends, or people they just meet, They will notice your logo and will pique their interest and may search for you and find your channel.

You may also want to consider creating an online store with Shopify To make it much easier. So you can focus on the most important things, Or continue to post high-quality content that interests your fans.

3. Finance your project Thanks to crowdfunding

youtube monetization tricks logo on youtube

You have started uploading videos to YouTube but you don’t have enough money to scale it. If money is the only thing holding you back from growing on the web or creating your own idea, you can find a solution to your problems thanks to crowdfunding.

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The crowdfunding It is a fundraising conducted online with many small contributions from very large groups that share an interest or project, Or they want to support an innovative idea.

4. Rely on Fan Funding

An alternative to crowdfunding is fan funding. This method of earning with YouTube will allow you to get funding, or rather donations, directly from your audience.

How to monetize youtube
Earn with Youtube

The concept behind fan funding is: You post content on your channel without asking the audience to pay to access that content. By continuing to post interesting content to your audience and channel, They may be paid to help you financially.

5. Allow third parties to use your content

One of the most effective ways to make money with YouTube is partnering with third-party companies.

If you can create a viral video that has a strong impact on your audience, You can license your content for an economic reward. Depending on the type of video you post, you may be contacted by TV shows, websites, or other video authors.

6. Work with other companies like influential

Influencer marketing is a growing trend. More and more companies are choosing to invest their budget in them Social Media Marketing And if you have a channel and you can negotiate with the right companies, This is a great opportunity to make money with YouTube.