Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Maneuvering, 10 billion euros have been deprived of pensioners in three years. Double checks for almost everyone


Much of the money earmarked to finance measures of the upcoming budget law such as “Quota 103” and the flat tax extension of VAT figures comes from the reduction in the real value of pensions. The reduction in revaluations (set below the current level of inflation even for the lowest level) will ensure savings for the public treasury in 2023. For 2.1 billion euros. According to the tables attached to the report, the reduction in pensions has doubled 4 billion in 2024 After that, it remains just below this threshold even 2030. The budget law provides for revaluation in relation to minimum pensions (i.e. adjusting the check to keep pace with inflation) 8.7% (120% of the reference + 7.3%) in an amount that thus rises from 523 to 570 euros per month. However, if inflation remains at current values ​​(11.9%), the increase in the check will only be apparent because, in terms of purchasing power, actually decreasing.

And this is true, even more so, of higher pensions for which progressively diminishing adjustments are prescribed. for retirement treatments exceed four times the amount of pensions Minimum (2,092 total per month or approx €1,680 net, revaluation reduced to 80% from 7.3% or 5.8% (Half the current inflation level). If the pension is five times higher than the minimum, it decreases again: to 55% of the total with reassessment by 4%. Then, at six times the minimum, the pension benefit will increase by only 3.6%, which is 8 times the minimum of 2.9%. More than 5 thousand euros gross So indexing per month will equal 35% of the initial 7.3% only 2.5%

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Funds removed from pensions will primarily be used for financing 103 shares (the sum of years of contributions paid and age) that their cost 571 million next year and then double in 2024. Monkey social extension costs $134 million and a so-called “Maroni bonus” for those who choose to stay in business despite meeting the 103 quota requirements. with a value of 13.8 million. The new women’s option costs approx 21 million (compared to about 110 of the current version).

Wages don’t increase, fornero stays and they have it Cut re-evaluation (Of pensions, ed.) Without discussing it with the unions, they returned the vouchers, which added to the instability and returned a form of exploitation,” the CGIL secretary said this morning, Maurizio Landini. The government argues that this reduction in pension revaluation is necessary for fiscal deferment and for a number of pension situations. We did some research: even if the 103rd stake is fully funded, this will not exceed 300 million euros in 2023 “, comments the Cisl leader, Luigi BarraExplaining that, according to an analysis conducted by the Cloud Computing Services Center, the process that the government has studied will achieve it 2 billion for 2023 and 4 billion for 2024. So Sbarra asks: “What is being funded with the remainder?” , then asserts that if “we continue to collect money from the elderly and retirees to fund other measures,” then “we are not in agreement.” We are deeply unhappy with the revaluation of pensions. We would like to The government will contact us and discuss the fact that this is not an increase, But it is an adjustment for inflation.” Secretary-General of Oil Retirees, Carmelo Barbagallo.

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