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Dacia's new statement 2022-2023, the future of SUVs Duster, Sandero, Bigster and Jogger

Dacia’s new statement 2022-2023, the future of SUVs Duster, Sandero, Bigster and Jogger

Dacia 2022-2023 statement one Car concept that focuses on car brand valuesNecessary and at the same time cool, intended for outdoor use. This is the imagination of the automaker far beyond Duster, Sandero, Bigster and Jogger. So let’s see:

The future of SUVs according to Dacia 2022-2023 statement

The statement will not be a model in the future, but Embodies the new identity of Dacia. After promoting “basics at low cost” and winning a place as the third best-selling brand in Europe, the Romanian manufacturer, owned by the Renault group, wants to focus on a new incarnation. Dacia is now betting on external and environmental trends and wants to be realistic and economical.

The concept of the statement is a Mixture of future development paths in Dacia It shows some of the innovations that will be found in the vehicles coming in the range. By navigating in the outward direction affecting both 4 wheels and 2 wheels, the manifest provides no windshield doors, windows or glazing for a better connection to the environment.

The manufacturer explains that nature This does not necessarily mean that you have disconnected from your smartphone. Therefore, Dacia’s Bring Your Own Device approach allows you to fully integrate your smartphone into the board and your on-board computer.

A system that has already been proposed on many models of the brand, which will develop further in the future. The Manifesto concept reveals another innovation promised for future models: YouClip, a mounting system that makes it easy to attach a series of modular accessories. The unique front projector is removable to convert it into a flashlight.

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Dacia 2022-2023 Statement: Opinions and Strategies

The Dacia 2022-2023 statement concept is proud of Four-wheel drive, wide ground clearance combined with wide wheels and a chassis stand up to the toughest terrains. As for all-wheel drive, it is already present in Dacia, but only in diesel. It is not excluded that in the future, as for many manufacturers today, an all-wheel drive from a hybrid powertrain will appear. In addition, the interior of the “statement” can be washed with a water jet and the seat upholstery turns into a sleeping bag.

The modular ceiling It can handle all kinds of loads thanks to its mounting rails that can be deployed in multiple configurations. These tapes are already in range and will be joining the next Duster.

for Reduce your carbon footprintThe Dacia statement focuses on lightness. The main plastic parts of the car body contain recycled polypropylene (thermoplastic resin). On the outside, puncture-resistant tires should last the life of the vehicle.

Commenting on future developments for the brand, Lionel Gillette, Dacia’s Product Performance Manager, explained that he wanted to create a line of products that reinforce the brand’s promise, focusing on the essentials and adapting our vehicles to specific uses. Abroad. The Manifesto concept acts as a laboratory for exploring new ideas. This is a version that will continue to evolve.