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Pulisic segna il gol vittoria degli Usa sull'Iran ai Mondiali di Qatar 2022

Qatar 2022 England and Netherlands in flux USA beat Iran Senegal beat Ecuador – BlogSicilia

Netherlands and Senegal are in Group A, England The United States is in Group B. These are the four teams that qualified for the round of 16 in the Qatar 2022 World Championships at the end of the third day of the competition. The Netherlands easily beat Qatar 2-0 while Senegal shattered Ecuador’s dream by winning 2-1 and eliminating the South Americans who performed well in their first two matches.

England dropped the treble against Wales and won Group B. In the super match (with many political rather than sporting meanings), the USA beat Iran 1-0 and entered the top 16 of the world’s best teams.

The first duo from the Round of 16 in Qatar 2022

As soon as the first two groups of the preliminary stage are over, the plan for the 16th round of the Qatar World Cup 2022 begins to be determined. It will be the Netherlands – USA, scheduled for December 3, and England – Senegal on December 4.

Pulisic punishes Iran, it’s a holiday in the United States

The United States avenged 24 years after their defeat in France 98 against Iran, defeating the Asian team 1-0 in a well-balanced game finish. The Americans had a duty to win to pass the round while a draw would have been enough for Iran. The Americans were more determined than Pulisic at the end of the first half, taking advantage of a distraction from the Iranian defense.

In the second half, Iran tried but without much sting: something is always missing to finish the action better and create real dangers on Turner’s goal. Only Quddos is really dangerous but misses the chance to equalize before the halfway point of the second half. The United States advances in the Round of 16, Iran (who achieved the feat by defeating Wales And he made the dream of an entire nation and not only) spent as always in the group stage, but with his head held very high and not without regret.

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England beat Wales to win Series Two

Wales’ resistance only lasts once and they should have played the game to try and hope for a daring qualification. This was not the case: the difference between the two teams was just too great. At the start of the second half England put the win 1-2. In the 50th minute, Rashford won from a free kick, which Foden hit at a distance of 20 meters and passed it to the Welsh goalkeeper. Not even time to refresh the notebook and double up with Foden taking advantage of a cross from Kane. Wales is not there and a Phillips-fired Rashford entered the area giving Ward no way out for a 3-0.

It’s all easy for the Netherlands, victory and first place

The Netherlands easily defeated Qatar 2-0 and qualified for the round of 16 of the Qatar World Cup 2022. The second victory for Louis van Gaal’s team testifies to first place in Group A with 7 points.

Everything is easy for the Netherlands who scored shortly after halftime with Djapko for his third successive World Championship goal and early in the second half with De Jong.

The owners, already eliminated, stress very little.

Senegal wins again and eliminates Ecuador

The fairy tale ends Ecuador that after getting off to a good start in beating Qatar in the opening match and after holding off the Netherlands to a 1-1 draw, he succumbed 2-1 to Senegal, who qualified for the Round of 16 as group runners-up.

A balanced match with the African champions looking for the victory that qualifies them. The goal comes from a penalty kick at the end of the first half. Indeed, in the 42nd minute, Hincapie fouled Sarr and the referee signaled a penalty. From 11 metres, Sarr made no mistake by kicking it into the Ecuadorian goalkeeper’s bottom left corner.

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The Ecuadorian coach made two substitutions: Gruezo and Franco went out in favor of Cifuentes and Sarmiento from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2. Newcomers are pushing for equality. Caicedo scores 1-1 from a corner kick from Plata’s right kick, Torres’ header reaches the far post where Caicedo single-handedly breaks and backs up the equalizer in the 67th minute.

Ecuador’s joy lasts very little: only 3 minutes. Coulibaly, captain of Senegal, scored 2-1 in the 70th minute. In the final, the South American team is trying to find a draw that means qualification. Nothing to do.

Qatar 2022, placing Groups A and B

This is the situation for groups A and B of world Cup Qatar 2022, which ended the third match tonight and determined the places and qualifiers. Group A: Netherlands – Qatar 2-0. Senegal – Ecuador 2-1. classification: Netherlands 7 points; Senegal 6; Ecuador 4, Qatar 0.

Group B: England – Wales 3-0. Iran – USA 0-1. Ranking: England 7 points; Use 5; Iran 3; Wells 0.

Tomorrow’s program closes groups C and D

The 2022 Qatar World Cup continues unabated, and Groups C and D will be closed tomorrow, Wednesday, November 30.

The fourth group takes to the field at four o’clock in the evening with Tunisia – France and Australia – Denmark.

Group C on the field at 20: Poland, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Mexico.