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Prost-Alpine: i perché dell’addio e le prospettive 2022

Prost-Alpine: Farewell reasons and prospects for 2022 – F1 Team – Formula 1

The look of Cyril Abiteboul, Marcin Budkowski and Alain Prost tripartite Driving a Renault that CEO Luca de Meo highly emphasized in September 2020 when the Italian boss took the reins of Losanga. After that, the situation has changed to such an extent that with the now imminent farewell to the four-time world champion in Formula 1, this trio has been largely canceled due to Abiteboul’s passing to Micachrome and the official farewell of Marcin Budkowski last week, in preparation for the departure of also Alain Prost.

The four-time Formula 1 world champion has revealed all the details of the now irreversible decision to leave the Alps in an interview with the French newspaper. the team Edited by Frederic Ferrett: “In September 2020, Luca de Meo suggested that I take over as Alpine F1 Team Principal. Initially I accepted, Cyril Abiteboul would run the brand while Marcin Budkowski would take over the team, but in January came the appointment of Laurent Rossi. So I continued to hold what had already been My role was previously, ie as a consultant, but during 2021 I realized a desire on the part of the property to leave the “old”. There was a lot of jealousy, in the board of directors I found myself discovering certain decisions at the last minute. When the owner of the team does not say “good morning” when you arrive to the ring, then the slightest form of respect is missing and under the circumstances I’d rather step aside. Laurent Rossi wants to be aloneHe told me he no longer needed counseling and wanted all the spotlight for himself.”.

Prost also revealed that Otmar Szafnauer may be one of the following reinforcements in the Alps following his and Marcin Budkowski’s departure: “No one is indispensable, least of all me. But we must not forget that what will happen in 2022 will be a possible fruit of a work that started two or three seasons ago. If Otmar Safnauer arrives I will be happy, I have nothing against change, but the human side really failed. In managing relationships within the team. As the former Alpine consultant predicted it There is a question mark about the reliability of the new power unit Renault To prepare the cars of Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon: “We have some doubts about reliability, but the most important thing for me is performance because the engines will then be frozen. Alpine/Renault were among the first teams to focus on the new technical list when it was officially announced that F1 would adopt this change. In addition I can’t say more because everything will depend on how the other teams operate. I am really looking forward to seeing what the balance of power will be on the right track in 2022.”