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Producers and liquor scientists in the physics of bubbles

Producers and liquor scientists in the physics of bubbles

Not only to drink, also from Understanding and studying. Producers and liquor scholars have been taught by a true bubble rock star, Leisure BelairProfessor of physical chemistry at the University of Reims champagne who has devoted his studies in the past twenty-five years to the mechanisms of bubbles forming in wine.

to Volunary PalaceIn town, attorney Carita, who already specializes in wine law, coordinated the meeting, which was also attended by David Camone, food technologist and local wine researcher and wine scientist Daniela Guidoci.
sold out for this event From day one: Producers and brewers from Franciacorta, Oltieri Pavez, Veneto and Emilia Romagna, shared their impressions and learned concepts about this complex and everyday science.

Among the latest discoveries, the temperature at the moment of the cork burst, which can drop to -90 ° C – explained the professor -, in the adiabatic regime of lowering the temperature; And again the speed of carbon dioxide release, which doubles the speed of sound, and produces waves similar to those emitted by military aircraft. In conclusion, an attempt was made to determine the number of bubbles in the flute thanks to multivariate mathematical models. Nine million sparkling wines Bursts, in addition to making the wine lively, transmit its aromatic pattern, improving the efficiency of aromatic perception by our sense organs. In short, a science worthy, in the land of wines, of deepening, revealing, and receiving.

There will be other occasions and other professors – assured Attorney Carita – we will deepen the most disparate scientific issues in the food world, linking the productive fabric with academic excellence.