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Virgin Galactic, space tourists will have to wait until 2023

Virgin Galactic, space tourists will have to wait until 2023

Virgo Galaxy, as well as many other technical (and non-technical) companies have to deal with difficulties attributable to the production chain that complicates the implementation of their plans. On the occasion of disclosing the financial results for the last fiscal quarter (first quarter 2022), Richard Branson Corporation confirmed that the The first commercial appearance of the space tourism service (based on suborbital flights) assigned to The first quarter of 2023. Thus, the possibility of reaching the goal disappears within a year, As previously suggested.

Timing problems affect timing Suppliers and related restrictions manpower. Reasons affecting other large companies due to Ingredients Crisis. Michael Colgladier, CEO of Virgin Galactic, said:

We are implementing our plans to expand the business by developing our future fleet, investing in digital manufacturing technologies and defining our business strategy to deliver an unparalleled offer to the consumer.

About the problems mentioned at the beginning, the director emphasizes:

Our teams contain most of these issues to reduce the impact of the program. We look forward to returning to space in the fourth quarter and launching commercial service in the first quarter of next year.

Virgin Galactic is struggling with supplies of the metals needed to manufacture its semi-orbital aircraft, while newly hired engineers are being hired to develop multiple projects simultaneously. Including the next generation Imagine . aircraft.

Will be space tourists who Buy the expensive tickets of 450 thousand dollars So one would have to wait for the early months of next year to experience the thrill of microgravity. The sub-orbital flight experience they will have can be summed up in a few points:

  • The VSS Unity spacecraft is flown to altitude by a VMS Eve aircraft
  • Reached an altitude of 15 km, the space plane is launched
  • At this point, the VSS Unity will turn on the engines and complete the climb up to about 100 km of altitude where you can experience microgravity
  • Then VSS Unity begins the landing procedure
  • The journey takes about 90 minutes
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