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Potato Gateau, Anything but a Calorie Dish | Here’s the lighter version that will have you licking your slices


We must not give up eating potato gateau if we follow a low-calorie diet: a delicious and light meal recipe

The term gateaux comes from the French language and generally means cake. the Potato gateau It’s nothing more than a potato pancake.

that it Very simple dishwhich we can serve as a single dish at a family lunch or dinner, or even in small portions as an appetizer or appetizer.

In addition to potatoes, the ingredients usually include butter, cooked ham, curd cheese such as provola or scamorza, and also mozzarella.

If we want we can make the gateaux less calorie and make one lighter version But delicious all the same. So let’s see how to make the gateau light.

Ingredients for gateaux lite and cooking potatoes

to make one A lighter version of potato gateaux We will need 800 grams potatoa an eggPepper, paprika, oregano, 40 grams Grated parmesan cheese20 gr CornmealOne zucchini And a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

Let’s start preparing for work Cook the potatoes until they are so soft that they can be crushed with a fork: we can boil them whole in a pot of salted water or cut them into pieces and steam them.

Snack Potato and Zucchini Gateau – (Image Canva)

How to prepare and cook the gateaux

When the potatoes are done, put them in a large bowl and chop them into a smooth mass using a fork. Then add the egg, grated Parmesan, salt, pepper, paprika and marjoram. We mix everything well with a fork for this Mix all ingredients. Grease a baking tray with extra virgin olive oil, then spread half of the potato mixture we just prepared, pressing it well into the bottom and leveling the surface. We cover this layer of potato mixture with a little of it Very thin slices of zucchiniI’m with the help of a mandolin and cover them with one A layer of grated parmesan.

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We take the other half of the potato compound and distribute it to the rest of the ingredients, pressing again and leveling the surface of the gateau. Let’s grate some more Parmesan on top again, Sprinkle with cornmeal And our gateaux are ready to cook. We know a 180 degrees for three quarters of an hourOr anyway until we see the brown surface. to facilitate configuration crispy crustThe last ten minutes we can run grill function from the oven.


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