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Recordati Italia: Space and Health, Focus with Samantha Cristoforetti

Recordati Italia: Space and Health, Focus with Samantha Cristoforetti

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus) – Rome, September 01 – Recordati Italia launches the second appointment of Recordati’s lectures entitled “Terra novae: exploring new frontiers of space”, which will feature Samantha Cristoforetti, astronaut and first female ISS commander. Through the story of her experiences, Samantha Cristoforetti will explore the relationship between space and health, describing how advances in space research have paved the way for innovative solutions and discoveries. Therefore, it is proposed that this event be a journey to explore the wonderful relationship between space exploration, new technologies and medical science. The “lecture” will be broadcast on Monday 4 September at 2.30pm from the Casa Recordati Italia in Milan (live:

Recordati Lectures is the Casa Recordati Italia event cycle dedicated to the encounter between medical scientific innovation and new technologies. The Lectures are part of HealthVerse, Recordati Italia’s new digital platform developed to look towards the future of health by offering high quality content on the latest healthcare issues with a focus on innovation and digital transformation.

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