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Pollution puts our health at risk, but with this breathing exercise you will keep your lungs clean

Pollution puts our health at risk, but with this breathing exercise you will keep your lungs clean

Unfortunately, pollution is a very big risk factor. Do this exercise to help your lungs breathe.

Living in big cities means being able to benefit from many services, have more opportunities and have experiences that cannot be obtained in other places. Unfortunately, this also means facing issues related to air pollution.

This is often due to the numerous vehicles that move every day, but also to industries and factories with their emissions. However, it is very important to think about your health and the health of our lungs. Here because We want to talk to you about this exercise Allowing you to “breathe” better.

Do this exercise to help your lungs

Thinking about your lung health is very important to feel happy and improve your living conditions. Unfortunately, nowadays, even life in small towns and villages is affected by increasingly high levels of air pollution. That’s why it’s so important Think of your lungs at all latitudesthe. We will show you some yoga exercises that can help you achieve this goal.

Do these exercises to cleanse your lungs –

The first is called “Anulum filum Pranayama“, which is a breathing technique that helps open blocked channels. This is a technique also known as Anulom Pranayama and consists of regulating and purifying energy channels. Practice it at least 10 minutes a day I will help you.

The second exercise is Kapalpati. This is one of the most important practices for those who practice yoga. In fact, it helps us detoxify the entire system and is very beneficial for those who suffer from shortness of breath. It’s a technology that allows you to do that Eliminate toxins from the lungs It increases oxygen flow to the brain and improves the respiratory system.

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These breathing exercises help remove toxins and provide energy to our system, resulting in more air flowing into the lungs. It also helps free the lungs from the bad air that accumulates inside them. Increased oxygen levels And support the work of the diaphragm. It is no coincidence that these exercises are excellent for maintaining lung capacity and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.

It is important to remember that the exercises can be performed by anyone at any age, except in cases where people are unable to perform the indicated exercises. However, if you think you are having breathing problems, the best thing you can do is contact your doctor.