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Pickball, a game with a high risk of injury that US insurers do not like

Pickball, a game with a high risk of injury that US insurers do not like

the pickleHalfway between tennis and swing, it is a sport that was invented in 1965 and has become very popular in the United States in recent years. The highly social game consists of hitting a ball with a small paddle to bounce it back through a net that divides the court. Doubles is usually played in a small area similar to a mini-tennis court, but Achilles heel injuries, wrist and shoulder problems, but also back problems, rather than muscle strains and knee or hip injuries are very frequent. Pickleball injuries can cost US insurers hundreds of millions annually as insurers report an increase in hip replacements, knee surgeries and other surgeries, according to the Daily Mail.

UBS Group analysts say that the increase in injuries, with a consequent increase in healthcare costs estimated between $250 and $500 million, is largely due to a strong increase in practitioners (+159% in the past three years), of which about a third They are seniors who play at least 8 times a year.

The most common injury of what is considered “The fastest growing sport in AmericaA “strains, sprains and fractures, with the wrist and leg being the most sensitive.

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