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Physical Activity Reward: Access to Healthy Exercise Support, Who Is Eligible and How to Apply

Here comes the new financial support designed for those who have health issues and need to do physical exercises with a professional. Let’s see in detail how the modified physical activity bonus works, who the beneficiaries are and how to apply.

Under the 2022 Budget Act, a new revised Physical Activity Bonus is available. That is, economic support designed for citizens who, due to chronic diseases or disabilities, need to do physical exercises followed by a professional.

Healthy exercise support –

With the provision of No. 382131 for the year 2022, the instructions that must be followed to submit an application and the form to be filled in to take advantage of the benefit envisaged by the Revenue Agency arrive. The Revenue Agency will provide this benefit to people with specific chronic illnesses and disabilities, who during 2022 have faced rehabilitation with a specialist at their own expense. Available resources amount to 1.5 million euros, but how to apply for the modified physical activity allowance? And when does the opportunity expire?

This economic support, stipulated in the 2022 Budget Law, is directed to all citizens with certain chronic diseases and physical disabilities. Specifically, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, post-stroke, motor neuron disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and neurodegenerative diseases. The support covers expenses incurred and documented for the exercise of adequate physical activity, i.e. physical exercises performed with a professional and aimed at improving people’s well-being and quality of life.

In order to take advantage of this interesting feature, it is necessary to place an order through the web service available in the area of ​​the agency’s website. The application can be submitted in person or through an intermediary, starting from February 15, 2023 until March 15, 2023. The resources available are 1.5 million euros and the value of the tax exemption will be determined on the basis of the applications referred. to the revenue agency.

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Rewarding adapted physical activity
Modified physical activity reward –

On the form, it will be necessary to specify the tax code of the applicant and the amount of expenses incurred from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. Within a few days of submitting the application, the system will send the acceptance receipt. the demand. Furthermore, by March 25, 2023, the Revenue Agency will report the amount of eligible expenses. In the event that the application is not accepted, various reasons will be determined.