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Superati i +45°C in Algeria ad Ottobre

The balloon, expanding at 40 degrees Celsius, could explode at any moment against Italy. Let’s see when »

Weather: The balloon expanding to 40°C could explode at any moment against Italy, let’s see when

More than +45°C in Algeria in OctoberThe African Cyclone is now really scary! The past few hours have been really exceptional hot In most areas of the Mediterranean and in some areas of our country, but in some other places in the world things got worse!

Analyzing the data of weather stations scattered throughout the Mediterranean basin, the past few days have been much less fiery North Africa, in particular AlgeriaWhere, you think, Temperatures I have passed +45°C: More precisely this happened to urinea small town located in the middle of DesertWhere about 45 thousand people live:
Thermometers recorded a maximum peak of +45.2°C.
In short, we are experiencing a really hot Octoberwith the African heat wave, also renamed “Scipio”which does not intend to easily leave the scene in the countries of the North African continent, nor Italy is the Mediterranean; It is feared that this expanding, boiling balloon could explode at any moment towards and against Italy.

Will Italy be affected by this upheaval in North Africa? Will this hot stretched curious balloon come to us or not?
In the next few days, the high pressure African Scipio will be able to impose itself on the Mediterranean basin, giving off heat with plenty of sunshine and increasing temperatures. However, we will never reach the scorching peaks of Algeria, even if it exceeds 35 degrees even on the Halloween Bridge. Fabulous.

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