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Photovoltaic pergolas: what they are and how they work Design elements that make a home functional and environmentally sustainable

Photovoltaic pergolas: what they are and how they work Design elements that make a home functional and environmentally sustainable

Everything you need to know about photovoltaic pergolas, a practical outdoor furnishing accessory that also saves money.

They are elegantly furnished, and they make relaxing outside more comfortable because they provide shade and shelter, and they are right there The perfect solution for those who want to save. They are photovoltaic pergolas. How do they work?

Let's get acquainted in detail with all the characteristics of photovoltaic pergolas, what exactly they are and how they work, what they are Differences with bioclimatic pergolas And the advantages of installing these design elements in the garden or terrace.

What are photovoltaic pergolas and how do they work?

While you're waiting for summer, you're thinking about how to furnish your home's outdoor spaces so you can enjoy them to the fullest. And this year you already have a clear idea that you want more shade.

The designer PV pergola is the environmentally sustainable green option –

What do you choose between? Pergolas and gazebos? It depends on the space you have, but let's focus on pergolas, which seem to be custom-made to meet your desires.

One of the latest trends regarding these design elements features photovoltaic pergolas, which are increasingly being chosen by those who want to complement their outdoor space in an environmentally sustainable way. But how does it work?

These models offer essentially the same functionality as Bioclimatic pergolaSo it works like the classic ones Mobile pergolas Which consists of plates that move according to climatic conditions.

By opening and closing, these elements allow light to pass through or provide shade when needed, but they have the added advantage of being made of photovoltaic panels.

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My respect to Solar panels for balcony Photovoltaic pergolas are more functional because they allow you to exploit the elements to capture sunlight to generate green energy while at the same time creating shade in the environment below.

To function properly, pergolas must be photovoltaic first and foremost Place it in an area with high solar radiation. And then they go toCombined with inverterIt is a device that converts the energy produced by solar panels into an electrical current that can operate pergolas or other devices.

In fact, by connecting the electrical system to these elements it is possible Exploiting the accumulated energy to operate any type of device Which works with electricity. You can then turn on the lights or TV, saving on your bill.

On average, a PV pergola allows for one Power output equals 2.7 kWalthough the greatest accumulation naturally occurs during the summer, when sunshine hours are greater than in the winter, a season when weather conditions are less ideal.