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Does the car make a sound when the window is opened?  Don't worry, it's the Helholtz effect: what it is and what it entails

Does the car make a sound when the window is opened? Don't worry, it's the Helholtz effect: what it is and what it entails

If your car makes a sound when you open the window, there is a very specific reason. It's called the Helmutz effect: what is it made of?

The car is a convenient, practical and fast means of transportation that we usually use to move from one place to another. Since we passed the exam to obtain a driver’s license, the desire to have a car with as many accessories as possible has become… A certain strength and speed allows us to cover kilometers Giving maximum performance.

Car window, what is the Helmutz effect:

Having a car is also synonymous with independence, as in addition to being able to move from one place to another freely, you no longer have schedules to follow, as happens when you have to use public transportation.

When we buy our car, we want everything to be perfect, not to cause problems, and often, perhaps because we are not very knowledgeable about it, we get scared when there are some wrong notes. Example? This may happen, When we lower the window of our car, a certain noise is produced. Well, it's called the Helmutz effect. But what exactly does it consist of? Let's find out together.

Cars What is the Helmutz effect and what causes it exactly?

It may happen that if you lower your car window while traveling at a certain speed, you may feel constant irritation Air blows.

Cars, Helmutz effect: what causes it –

Don't worry, it's thereHelmutz effectIt is a phenomenon that has a very precise explanation. In detail, what happens is that when you open the window, the air coming from outside hits the environment of the passenger compartment of your car, so it looks as if Pressure waves are formed. These waves, in turn, collide with the interior walls of the car, resulting in a vibration that to us resembles noise, a kind of pulse, and is somewhat annoying.

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This is the Helmutz effect that occurs The name of the researcher who studied the aforementioned phenomenon. When airflow passes through a narrow opening into a larger space, this effect occurs. Obviously the vibration The resulting Helmutz effect changes with the speed of the carThe size of the window opening, as well as the size of the passenger compartment.

If you open more windows, the effect will be less, and the air will circulate better. So much so that the pressure waves decrease significantly. So, if this happens to you while you are traveling at a certain speed, know that this is all science and there are no malfunctions at all.