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Phil Spencer talked about a new console with Hideo Kojima and other developers -

Phil Spencer talked about a new console with Hideo Kojima and other developers –

In an interesting interview on the Same Brain podcast, Phil Spencer from Microsoft Xbox touched on many topics including the theme New model Xbox consolewhich the company would have already thought about and what they have As many developers askedAmong them, too Hideo Kojima.

Speaking about the future of Xbox, Spencer reports that Microsoft is already asking Response For developers, they ask what they would like to be able to do in terms of video game development that they can’t do right now with existing hardware. According to reports from the head of Xbox, Microsoft is starting with developers and their needs to start modeling hardware review for Xbox Series X | S or maybe a new model for another generation.

Among the developers questioned about it, Hideo Kojima also stands out: Spencer explained that he was in Japan recently to find a famous game designer to talk about New game in development For Xbox by Kojima Productions. The head of Microsoft brought in some engineers and designers on the Xbox just to make sure Kojima can achieve the expected results with existing hardware and also to get technical feedback on what he’d like to see implemented in upcoming developments.

It’s not easy to give an accurate interpretation of Spencer’s words that remain so vague, but it seems that Microsoft is already actively thinking about designing new consoles and game consoles, in a sense. From the same interview, the desire to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation and the acknowledgment that a lot of time has passed since the last Xbox exclusive party also emerged.

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