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PFIZER outperforms ASTRAZENECA in the number of negative reports. Updates »

Vaccines: Pfizer outperforms AstraZeneca in the number of negative reports. Updates

Aifa data shows that Pfizer reports larger than AstraZenecaFor several weeks, there has been a discussion of the sometimes dangerous reactions to the administration of the vaccine AstraZeneca. However, recent news appears to actually deny all of this Pfizer will far exceed the Anglo-Swedish company’s serum for the number of negative reportsAt least as far as Italy is concerned.

For clarity is the report it showedAifa (Italian Medicines Agency) that checked all the data on vaccines administered in the following period From December 27, 2020 to March 26, 2021. It turns out that, dated 9 million doses Pollinate, approx 46 thousand reactions Among these, only 7.1% had severe symptomsAverage 36 dangerous events per 100,000 doses.

But we want to be more specific by analyzing the data for the period taken in the reference.
for him
46,237 reports, 87% Of the cases, whether on the same day of vaccination or at the latest the next day, had such reactions temperatureAnd the HeadacheAnd the Muscle pain a ArticulatedAnd the Pain at the injection siteAnd the shudder e nausea.
Even more important is the data that comes from individual vaccines, incl PfizerAnd the AstraZeneca
e modern (The three available in Italy in the period under review). Among the reports it was noted that81% were from Pfizer, The
17% to AstraZeneca And only last 2% to the hadith. Obviously, these values ​​are related to the number of doses provided by the different pharmaceutical companies.
Finally, there is also some data regarding Death cases. So far, 100 deaths related to COVID vaccinations have been temporarily reported. Among these, 76 They were registered after managing Pfizer, 12 Moderna e 12 AstraZeneca, which raises the overall rate of death reports to 1.1 cases per 100,000 doses of Pfizer-BioNTechAnd the 2.8 for Modernae 0,7 per AstraZeneca.

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In short, it is true that all of this data has been collected on the basis of the relationship between the reports and the available doses, but it clearly shows that AstraZeneca is not alone in causing some adverse reactions.