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Dismissal due to illness, now they can fire you in a second: if you send the certificate it will be the end

Dismissal due to illness, now they can fire you in a second: if you send the certificate it will be the end

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From this moment you can be dismissed due to illness. If you submit this certificate, here's what could happen to you.

Work relationships are really very difficult. In fact, you must follow a certain line of behavior to avoid harming your company and putting your colleagues in trouble. However, unfortunately, not everything is always as simple as it should be, in fact there are many workers who often do this. They engage in wrong behaviors.

What dictates what is right or wrong is primarily common sense. Secondly, there are the laws of the country in which you provide your workforce and obviously the contract signed with the company. In short, there are quite a few rules to deal with.

Not following them can put… In serious danger Your Contract Considering how difficult it is to find a job currently, it would certainly not be advisable for you to lose your job.

In general, if you do not resign, Lose your job Or to terminate the contract, or because you are fired. However, in this second case, one certainly cannot be shown to the door without good reason. Therefore, just cause is needed for an employer to decide to dismiss his employee.

A somewhat unique case

A case that actually happened sheds light on the behavior, and unfortunately it does Most common Than you might think. Unfortunately, there are some employees who send a sick note and then go to other companies to provide their service.

This behavior can put into reality Employment contract Featured. This type of behavior is clearly dictated by him Economic problems Which may lead to the search for a second job, or the need to find a seemingly better solution. The Supreme Court expressed its opinion on this issue.

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Expulsion for good cause

Good, supreme court, In one of his sentences, he stressed that an employee who is found doing another job on days when he is sick runs the risk of being fired for just cause. This will happen for a very specific reason.

The worker who works elsewhere puts his health at risk and exposes himself to the risk of prolonging the situation in which he finds himself, so he feels forced to prolong his illness. a Not quite correct behavior Towards your company.