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Anna Falci and away from TV: 'I was wrong'

Anna Falci and away from TV: ‘I was wrong’

Anna Falci is back on TV after a long absence, but is more ready than ever to give her best and make an impression on her, It’s an adventure Never Before: Delivery your factsWhere he took the place of Giancarlo Magali. Focusing on the present, looking to the future, but also on the memory of the past, from which important lessons can be drawn.

Anna Falci and away from TV

Be on top of a historical program like your facts and for Anna FalchiWhich is a relief after some time Away from the world of television. The introduction doesn’t deny that she had to start over, with some kind of mess, and that it was basically her fault.

After participating in successful series and TV shows and targeting cinema, in fact, Valchi He made the wrong decision. She admitted this by trusting her on Tv Talk, where she did not provide further details about the fatal mistake that led her to face a long hiatus:

I tried to make movies, and then there was a period on TV where I had a lot of success. Then I messed up, played a bad card and then started from scratch with chaos.

your factsFor her, it will thus be a real gym and a testing ground where she can pretend all worth. In short, an important opportunity to resume his career.

Anna Falchi’s Work Future: What You’ll Never Do

And if you are thinking about your career, then hawks He admits there is nothing he won’t do again. But for the future He set very specific limits She revealed that there’s one thing she doesn’t want to do: participate in reality shows.

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Its presence in programs such as Big Brother VIP NS Celebrity Island. The reason will be told soon: I He doubts that anything good can be brought to the level of the work and add anything to the value of the artist.

They do not perform – I have announced You don’t learn anything, you just have to show yourself. I don’t find that technical proof.

In short, Anna Falchi has very clear ideas. TV has not yet weakened enthusiasm And the desire to show himself to the audience on the small screen: will he be able to regain the audience’s affection?