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Patricia Rossetti, affection for the stars: “The first time in my life”

Patricia Rossetti, affection for the stars: “The first time in my life”

Patricia Rossetti, the news you didn’t expect

Patricia Rossetti has taken to social media: it’s really her first time! Here’s what happened.

token provider for distance shopping, Patricia Rossetti He is one of the most recognizable faces on our local television.

Back to the crest of the wave thanks to sharing the latest version of Big Brother VIPRossetti was followed by a large and diverse audience.

Dubbed “Patti Lipstock” by social media, she cheered with her fans for one The news literally took her by surprise: never happened!

Patricia Rossetti and Success in Gf Vip

Returning to the scene Patrizia Rossetti with Big Brother Vip 7 made everyone agree. A hugely popular ’90s presenter, Rossetti has long been considered the female face of teleshopping. However, participation in the reality show Canale 5 allowed her to promote herself on the tour, highlighting that bluntness and courage to say things that instantly made her one of the most popular competitors of last season’s television. Although she failed to reach the final, Rossetti also has a large following on social networks, where she was Fans dubbed him “Patty Lipstick”..

And just one of Patrizia’s fans surprised her by creating something truly original for her. “Chocco Patty Lipstick is just like her. It’s a representation of her adorable personality, both for the ingredients and for their composition. A lively, dynamic, sweet and straightforward snack, backed by unusual and traditional values ​​like a wooden stick. A bar of dark chocolate that’s hard and crunchy, with a hazelnut that looks coarse from The outside is to keep the contents just for those who go the extra mile. Inside, a layer of light sponge cake gently dipped in coffee is enjoyed during a pleasant and relaxed conversation.”

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Surprise Patrizia Rossetti

With these words it was described The first ice cream dedicated to Patrizia Rossettiwho welcomed the news with great joy and affection. “It’s my first time,” he commented on social media. “Too bad I can’t taste it because we’re far away.”

Whoever created Patrizia Rossetti’s inspired ice cream described it as an explosion of radiance, honesty, and infectious sparkle. “Honoring !!! Eat ice cream with my name and my favorite flavors! Rossetti wrote, accompanying the video detailing how the Choco Patty Lipsticks ice cream was born.