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Ivana Marazova and Luca Onestini are in crisis?

In recent days, Tronista’s ex-girlfriend of men and women had to return to her homeland; Ivana is going to have some subtle family problems that have nothing to do with her relationship with Luca Onstini. However, between the two of them, it seems that things have not gone well for a while and this would make everything more difficult for the young Czech model.

for every Ivana Mrazova The bad period is not over yet; After the agonizing loss of her father last April, other sensitive issues were going to plague her family so much that the ex-Jeffina had to go back to the Czech Republic.

Ivana Marazova returns to her family

Ivana Mrazova

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Young Czech model, former competitor of Big Brother VIP, You will go through a new and very delicate period. Ivana She had to go back to her country to be close and supportive of her family in a really difficult moment even if the young model preferred to keep the utmost confidentiality in this regard.

“You’re really worried. Right now, I don’t want to talk about it, it’s a very sensitive thing in the family, but I’m sure it’ll be fine. Fingers crossed, I’m very positive. It hasn’t taken us after all we’ve been through.”

This is what he shares Ivana On social networking sites to inform his followers of the reason for his departure from Czech Republic; Followers who immediately showed her all their support and affection.

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With Luca Unestini all over the place?

luca-onestini interview

To keep the attention on the young Czech supermodel alive is also the love story that she has long linked with the former tronista. Luca Unestini The two met and fell in love with him during Big Brother VIP 2 where is she Ivana who – which Luca Participate as competitors.

Once leaving the most spying house in Italy, the couple immediately showed themselves to be very united and tight-knit until recently when something suddenly changed; So few appearances together on social media and so little time spent together, that there are even those who say it’s all over between them.

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In fact, in recent months, Luca and Ivana have not been seen together; It never flew Czech Republic, she mostly stayed in Milan, while partner A BolognaWhere he resumed his studies to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a dentist. Will it really end?

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