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Palworld: Digital Foundry analyzes Xbox releases and comments on issues

Palworld: Digital Foundry analyzes Xbox releases and comments on issues

Digital Foundry He conducted a series of technical tests with In the world, Game of the Moment, concluded that the game is in (very) Early Access. He also noted the resolution and frame rate of the different versions:

  • Xbox series
  • Xbox Series S – 1280 x 720 at 40-60 fps, is the more stable version that sacrifices image quality
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox One S – 960 x 540 at 15-35 fps, with issues when moving and using menus

The newspaper reported that there is Tanti bug, resulting from the early access nature of Palworld. For example there are problems with collisions and animation. The characters stumble, find themselves flying through the air, and launch a rocket into space for no real reason.

Palworld, an unstable game

The real problem is stability, and it is ready for that Crashes. Palworld, after eight hours of testing with any Xbox controller, experienced a crash, without reporting any kind of error: the game simply closes. Obviously, the average gamer doesn't keep the game active for eight hours straight, so it's an issue that doesn't have much impact at the moment.

Also, Balworld Dynamic resolution is not used, so in the most dramatic scenes it loses fluidity noticeably and has no way to balance that by temporarily lowering the resolution. There's also no way to lock the frame rate at 30fps, which would provide greater stability. Digital Foundry also suggests that different loading distance management is needed due to pop-in issues and low quality of shadows and textures.

We also point out that PvP in Palworld will not be as brutal as in Rust or Ark, as the authors reassure fans.

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