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Water on the keyboard?  I have the solution for you: how to fix it without asking for help from technicians

Water on the keyboard? I have the solution for you: how to fix it without asking for help from technicians

Have you spilled a hot cup of tea or water bottle on your computer keyboard? Here’s how to fix it: No rice.

Anyone who spends long hours at a computer every day – for work, study or pleasure – knows all too well how sensitive these precious devices are on which we may have spent a great deal of our money. We have chosen them carefully, for their design, for their performance, for their dimensions, for their comfort, and have chosen the best model depending on what we need to use them for. We are really happy with our computer. Then one day Let’s spill something on the keyboard.

Liquid on keyboard? Without rice! –

A poorly sealed water bottle, a nice cup of hot tea that we made to enjoy in front of a movie, and the morning coffee needed to fuel us and start the day. All the liquid ended up ruinously between our computer keys, and there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do to get it back. We think that now we have to get rid of everything and we are desperate. But don’t worry! You can save your computerjust use these tricks and methods.

Even if you spill a liquid on your computer keyboard, don’t worry: do this

There are many urban legends that have now spread on the internet which, one way or the other, we always believe and one of them is the one according to which we should immerse wet electronic devices in a bowl of rice. In theory, this method will be used to dry devices. However, all this is not entirely true: so the first thing to do is Do not put anything in the rice!

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What to do if you spill water on the keyboard
Keyboard: how to dry it –

You will only make the situation worse, as you risk the little beans breaking through the circuits and getting stuck somewhere. The first thing you should do is turn everything off and don’t try to restart your computer again until you are sure everything is dry. If it is a desktop computer, deactivate the keyboard, unplug it, and dry it with a hair dryer or by letting it dry in a dry place.

If it’s a laptop, turn it off and place it on a cloth upside down, being careful not to drop it and damage it. To speed up the process you can use a hair dryer to dry everything as quickly as possible. Once you are sure it is dry, you can turn on the device and test it to see if it still works. A lot also depends on the amount of liquid you spilled and its consistency, whether it is very runny or a little sticky, making it more difficult to wash off.