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Experience of those who decided to work without pressure

Experience of those who decided to work without pressure

A stress-free life with a different vision for work: but is this really possible? Let's find out together how this is possible

Living without stress (

Hearing this, it seems simply impossible: the idea of ​​being able to work without pressure and thus without forcing ourselves into a hectic life implies something impossible and above all utopian. However, there are those who live such a life and not only tried it, but also recommended it: We're talking about Luigi Negro.

The greatest representative of a stress-free life and above all of an ideology that is not entirely focused on work, Luigi Negro actually worked as an employee for years before he decided to change his life forever. And now, in fact, he's doing it Content Creator De Las Palmas and its days are very different.

Slow and stress-free life

Luigi Negro
Living without stress (

The life that Luigi Negro now adopts is undoubtedly a less stressful one: no pressure, no madness, and above all… He himself defines it as “slow.”. A life perhaps quieter and lazier, but which man welcomed into his days without ever feeling the desire to return. In short, he said a clear and decisive no to the madness of the lifestyle that unites us all to some extent, and now he will not return for any reason.

But he is certainly not the only one: In fact, as statistics show, more and more people dream of a different lifestyle. Days when there is no commitment to continuous running and when it seems like you don't even have a free minute. In short, more and more people want to live a life free of stress and anxiety.

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Luigi's Journey: How He Did It

The lifestyle is certainly not easy to achieve, because it is first necessary to be able to Change your way of thinking. In fact, the first thing you need to do is to break out of the more traditional business perspective: there is no stamp or card at the beginning and end of the day, but only your own goal to be achieved. More flexible working hours are the first goal, but the most important is undoubtedly another goal: the ability to understand the importance of work By quality, not quantity.

But the truth is that reaching this level of well-being and serenity at work is not easy: in fact, Luigi himself explains that his decision was the result of a long change and above all Something more gradual. In short, at a certain point, he decided not to fight his laziness, but to indulge in it. A leap into the void from which he will never return. Finally, he explains what he believes is the problem: namely, that society and mentality are increasingly targeting the frenetic and limitless work to which we have become accustomed.