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“Osimhen, shut up now,” the striker’s words angered the fans

“Osimhen, shut up now,” the striker’s words angered the fans

from Africa Osimhen He goes back to talking about his future. And again, it is It angers Napoli fans. “Things are already clear, I have my plan, I know what I want to do,” the Nigerian striker told CBS. Everything suggests that they are Parting wordsThe truth is that the umpteenth exit of the Lagos bomber has likely damaged the relationship with the arena forever.

Napoli, how the relationship between Osimhen fans deteriorated

The ultimate protagonist Naples Scudetto By Spalletti, Osimhen He remained on the slopes of Vesuvius despite the Arab sirens. Long push and pull for contract renewal Contribute to worsening feelings. Missing for Signed until 2026which arrived just before Christmas, did not help the mood, given that for most people it was just a way to leave for the summer through this clause.

Moreover, the striker “celebrated” the extension by making his own Sent off at the end of the match against Roma, left very early for Africa despite his teammates being busy at Monza. Ha Disco photos in Lagossocial attack onKvaratskhelia agent And the last interview with CBS (“The English Championship It is one of the largest companies in the world. Now I want to finish the season with Napoli, then I will follow up on the decision that has already been made.”

The end of the love story, Napoli fans get rid of Osimhen

“Osiexit” has already begun. On social media, Napoli fans are no longer willing to put up with the former Lille striker, who qualified with Nigeria To the round of 16 Africa Cup ongoing in Ivory Coast. “I can't wait for Osimhen to be sold out.

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“Unbelievable just thinking about it, but the Nigerian shows his affection in a completely unnatural way,” Germano wrote on Twitter. “He needs to start talking less,” says Francesco. “All these constant statements by Osimhen about his future are one and the same Total disrespect For the fans, especially at a moment like this. “Goodbye and thank you,” says ElGiovo.

In Osimhen's case, for the Azzurri fans, the timing was also wrong

His words come immediately after Defeat in the Super Cup. Therefore, they have more weight. “But in all this, has Osimhen revealed himself to his Napoli teammates? Higuain is 200 times better Both as a player and as a person,” Fà comments. “Message to Osimhen: Making this kind of statement after losing a final is one of them.” Something terrible and very untrueThis isn't the first time this has happened, which is a bit paradoxical. I will remember and love you forever, but in the summer we will have to say goodbye. Goodbye, Victor“Luiguipaolo's tweets.

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