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On Tuesday, a new cold spell from Russia and snow to the plains, then rolled over. Weekly Forecasts

Weather: New cold spell from Russia and snow to the plains on Tuesday, then thaw. Weekly Forecasts

Weather forecast for the next few daysFrom a distance and Cold Lands Russia Conversely the wind blows heavily in Italy Cold It already is 48 hours They affect the image Weather forecast The climatic conditions of much of Italy and are destined to do so Next days: In particular, on Tuesday, March 1stWe look forward to the arrival of a new cold trigger, destined to bring back many hints of instability.

After a large area Monday Spending in someone’s name Explicit silenceOver the next 24 hours, the forecasts are for a return to partial instability, however, with only the middle and lower Adriatic laterals being more exposed to the geographically difficult northeast currents.
One of these regions is waiting for us Shrove Tuesday Very capricious on return Rain Widespread, but especially with Snow Can go down Plain And even on the beaches, especially Abruzzo, Molise And Carcano.
Clouds and uncertain weather are expected again in some parts of the southern peninsula. Snowfall Up to a very low height.
On the other hand, the northern and central Tyrrhenian regions will continue to experience greater atmospheric calm, with some scattered clouds, especially near the alpine mountains, although the risk of events is much lower. . Unfortunately, the news is not good enough to worry about the long-running drought in the north.

When Week Then there will be another upside, especially from Wednesday, March 2nd Returning to our country, despite the high pressure and fear, guarantees a return to a more stable and somewhat sunny climate in many regions.
However, despite the eleventh return of the anticyclone, this method will attract itself with moderate and humid air currents rather than that. Thursday 3 and Friday 4 An important statement Cloudy Possible in the northern and central Tyrrhenian regions as well It is raining Mainly tolerated by Liguria and Sardinia.

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It will be a pioneer Weekend Too capricious? Something is moving …. we’ll find out in the next update!