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In football, wage equality between men and women of the American national team is induced

In football, wage equality between men and women of the American national team is induced

Four World Cups, four gold medals at the Olympics and various trophies around the world: The American women’s national football team is undoubtedly the most successful of all time. In 2016, however, it took six long years with a full court case to prove the great value of the national women’s team led by five delegates Alex Morgan, Megan Robinho, Becky Sorbron, Hope Solo and Carly Lloyd. Equal jobs for inequality in pay and treatment.

Finally, an agreement was reached between USWNT and the USSF or the United States Woman National Team and the United States Soccer Federation that the definition of history may seem simplistic. , Approved by the District Court. The deal offers $ 24 million to split into $ 22 million, which will be part of the remaining $ 2 million to be paid to players for years of discrimination. Players for their path towards the end of their lives and for everything related to the activities they undertake in the development of the women’s game.

Under the terms of the agreement, the American Football Confederation has promised equal pay for men and women in all friendships and matches, including the World Cup.

This satisfaction is immense for Megan Robino, the most representative American athlete: “It is a great achievement because not only will past mistakes be corrected, but a better future will be guaranteed for the next generation who can dream of anything. Good. We are truly in the midst of an incredible turning point in the women’s game. “

The most famous striker Alex Morgan also spoke, recalling that the work is not finished: “This is a moment of pride for all of us. Our football has agreed to equalize cash prizes, but we are now asking FIFA to do the same. This is the next goal. “