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In viaggio con l’Audi RS e-tron GT

On the road with the Audi RS e-tron GT

‘Sister’ Porsche – With 646 horsepower, the RS It is the most powerful version of the first electric sedanAudi: e-tron GT. We already had the opportunity to ride it on an ice arena (Who is the Contact 1), as we appreciated high traction and great balance on low-grip surfaces, now was the time to test the road. We won’t go back to analyzing the style and the interior in depth, but remember we’re talking about a 499 cm four-door coupe built on the J1 platform, shared with the Porsche Taycan and born for high-performance electric cars.

Well calibrated brakes The “GT” in the name is immediately known as the GT: a high-performance vehicle built for fast and comfortable travel. The perfect opportunity to find out if a name is due was a Excursion from Milan to Forte dei Marmi: Just over 250 km, divided between the highway and the winding roads of the Siza Pass. Right from the start, in Milan traffic, we have the opportunity to appreciate the excellent braking modification: a feature that has not been taken for granted in electric cars, since it often goes from an energy recovery system to actual braking performed with discs and calipers creating a small jolt . And it’s not here: the calibration is perfect.

There is no single pedal – The single pedal function is missing: the function that makes the engine’s brakes so severe that they allow you to drive only by adjusting the pressure on the right pedal, and leaving the brake in an emergency. The house says it is a deliberate choice, as this function could result in unwanted backlighting in sporty driving, while having more intuitive behavior. There is certainly some truth to all of this, but still another possibility is deprived of those who spend at least 147,800 euros for this. Audi RS e-tron GT. Moreover, it was sufficient to have it only in comfort mode, which positions itself at startup and is intended for comfortable driving.

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Athletic but comfortable – City limits are approaching, and despite being the sporty paradigm, we are happy to note how even the cobblestones and the railroads seem to almost disappear under the car: we thank the (standard) air springs, which ensure the correct alignment between the cornering support and the comfort. Dimensions of the car are “important”, but when maneuverableAudi RS e-tron GT It is not clumsy: thanks to the rather light steering and the rear wheel steering, which reduces the turning circle (1680 euros well spent). A few kilometers and we enter the highway: the time has come to switch to efficiency mode, which activates up to 140 km / h, prioritizes the front engine (there is also an engine in the rear) and lowers the car by 22 mm to reduce aerodynamic drag. Kilometers pass quickly, quite comfortably: burn is reduced and you can only notice some physiological hints to fit “rubber boats” on drain asphalt.

It tells you where to stop It doesn’t take much to always seem to drive it: thanks to the intuitively arranged controls, unlike other Audi, they are almost all physical. For example, “Climate”: Here are large buttons that are easy to locate, rather than having to search on the screen. Speaking of the display: The 10.1-inch screen at the center of the dashboard won’t be bulky, but it is very responsive and MIB 3 multimedia system Intuitive and well integrated with a 12.3-inch dashboard screen, wide configurable and easy to “navigate” with the steering wheel controls. It can also show the exact route of the navigator who, if needed, suggests which station to stop at to reduce travel time, and choose from over 15,000 subsidiaries in Italy based on many factors, such as power recharge.

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How about elbow comfort? We have made extensive use of the adaptive cruise control system which, in terms of efficiency, is very progressive in deceleration and acceleration: relaxation is guaranteed. However, depressing the throttle completely suffices to see the vehicles behind us “disappear” in the rearview mirror: to stay behind thisAudi RS e-tron GT One of the most certified supercars is needed. According to the on-board computer, the consumption at 130 km / h is about 25 kW / 100 km. When making calculations, a charge of just over 330 km is sufficient. But it takes much less to notice the sore right elbow, as it rests directly on the rigid plastic frame of the center drink holder.

100% efficacy Our journey, however, is not just to ascertain how comfortable this car is. After “fastening” the trolley between the back of the right chair and the sofa so that it does not hit the luggage compartment, we go out to face the winding streets that will take us to the Sisa Corridor. With the exception of some rare motorcyclists, the traffic is absent and we can understand a little better the natureAudi RS e-tron GT. We set the dynamic driving mode and instantly the synthetic sound of the engine (which, rightly, does not recall the sound of the thermal engine) becomes more intense. The steering, which is direct enough, gets a little heavier and we can handle bends and counter bends without getting tired. The behavior is what can be expected from an Audi of this type: maximum traction when out of bends, with little effort on the driver’s part. over there Energy he is excessiveBut their exploitation does not require special skills. The difference with the “cousin” Taycan is clear: Porsche preferred to develop a car that was more interactive (and required a lot in certain situations), thanks to more precise and accurate steering and the fact that only it could have anti-roll bars. , Which virtually eliminates the roll.

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Snapshot” After several quick corners, the tires remind us that the car is anyway It weighs approximately 2,400 kg And we stop for some the usual photos and a short snack. It’s time to start over, and trying launch control is almost a must. Instant action: brake, accelerator, and dynamic mode. When the left foot is raised, the car starts as if thrown from a slingshot, with the head hitting the headrest even though we had tensed our muscles in preparation for the kickback. Time to say “A” and at about 60 km / h, we perceive a slight recoil of the gearbox in the back, which occupies the second. The latter is the only gear used for “normal” driving: the first, very short, is only suitable for launching missiles.

Makes the “full” direction down Once at the top of the Pass, the available range (estimated by electronics based on driving style) decreased dramatically. We then switch to rest mode, and using the paddles on the wheel, we’ve set the version’s highest energy recovery (but not hyperactive) version, ready to take on the long landing that will recharge our batteries. A few kilometers of curves and we return to the highway from which we leave after a short time to reach our destination; He rested as if we had just left and satisfied with the “spatial” performance of thisAudi RS e-tron GT.