Monday, July 22, 2024

Who will not receive assistance and why


There are many categories of people – workers and non-workers – who are excluded from the €200 bonus, because they are not part of the list included in the aid decree.

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31 and a half million Italians are entitled to €200 bonus The government released it by decree of aid, but there are those who stayed this time as well. And it’s not just about those who don’t need it. €200 – which will arrive at different times and in different ways for workers and pensioners earning less than €35,000 a year – will counteract accelerating inflation, or so is the government’s plans. If we see at Reward for retireesThe Payment schedule for all categories e How to order it on the INPS portalNow the attention inevitably falls to the excluded audience. It is especially crowded.

The Confederate unions – CGIL, CISL, and UIL – had asked to intervene two days earlier, when the Aid Ordinance was still subject to amendment. Today, with confidence approved in the House, the text will pass unchanged — armored, they say — straight to the Senate after Monday’s final vote. In short, there is nothing to do with what the unions have defined as “The most vulnerable and needy groupsSo they are not entitled to a bonus of 200 euros:

  • unstable workers
  • peasants;
  • Show business workers who worked less than fifty days in 2021;
  • layoffs in June and without a contract in July;
  • unstable school (Here is an explanation of what happened);
  • the unemployed who received a Naspi through May;
  • all non-contributory contract workers, we are talking about internships, internships, workers in type B cooperatives, doctoral students and fellow researchers, socially useful workers, and sometimes self-employed workers;
  • Who has the accompanying allowance.
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In addition, in families where citizenship income is obtained, it is possible to receive a bonus of 200 euros only once. In any other family in which two people work, for example, or one of them works and the other perceives the Naspi family, the reward comes once for each. The famous VAT figures deserve a separate chapter, for which a dedicated fund of 500 million euros was financed. Nobody knows yet when and how they will be able to claim the reward.


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