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€503 per month is due to all citizens who meet this condition

€503 per month is due to all citizens who meet this condition

An additional 503 euros per month for some categories of citizens. The important thing is to comply with certain requirements.

503 euros per month

The life we ​​live in this period is complex, especially economically. Any kind of help eg financial support It is something that is greatly appreciated by citizens who, even if barely, are able to breathe a sigh of relief. Perhaps not everyone knows that many citizens will be entitled to an additional amount of 503 euros per month, but they will have to meet some requirements. Let’s see together what it is.

Extra €503 per month: that’s it

The situation we are in is exactly the same tragic For many Italians struggling to make ends meet. It was not easy before Covid-19, but since the pandemic the situation has worsened significantly. This applies not only to individuals, but also to small, medium and large companies knee.

503 euros more per month
Extra €503 per month –

Fortunately, something is happening Moving Or it has already taken action and support, aid and subsidies have begun to arrive from the relevant authorities. Obviously, not everyone will be able to benefit from it as there are requirements that must be met, but for those who fall within those requirements Categories This means great help.

Especially in this period we hear about it 503 euros More for some citizens and refer to what is usually called the social allowance. This provision targets Italian citizens and foreigners residing in our country who pay a fee conditions Difficult economic conditions. Let’s see together what it is.

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What is social allowance and how does it work?

he is called Social allowance It is a support provided by INPS and is intended for a portion of Italian and foreign citizens residing in Bel Paese who live in a very complex and disadvantaged economic situation. Moreover, i Income The annual calculation is considered less than the limits set by law.

More money per month
Extra money per month –

Social allowance It is an economic subsidy that is provided based on a specific request and targets certain categories of citizens. As we said above, people who are in a less than optimal economic situation. Until January 1, 1996 this assistance will be granted For the institution It was known as the social pension, but is now called the social allowance.

Once the application is submitted and from the moment it is accepted,… Premium The check will be processed starting the month following acceptance. This aid is of a temporary nature and all controls are attached to it requirements Economic, social and residential are implemented every year.

Social Security will come hanging From the moment the applicant stays abroad for more than 29 days, caution must be taken because after one year of… comment Effective, support will be permanently removed.

How much is Social Security and what are the requirements?

Let us begin immediately by saying that whoever deserves this support will find himself with it 503.27 euros Additionally monthly for 13 months. there Full size It will reach:

  • All married citizens whose family income is significantly less than the total allowance;
  • Single citizens who have no income.
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Regarding Low volumeThe social allowance is paid to:

  • Married citizens whose family income ranges between the annual amount of the allowance and twice the same annual amount;
  • Single citizens whose income is less than the allowance amount.

From the moment we introduce you to request, The staff and the system will have to check some requirements for both Italian and foreign citizens, namely:

  • State of economic need;
  • 67 years of age;
  • Actual residence in Italy;
  • Italian nationality or equivalent;
  • Ten years of continuous and legal residence in Italy.

Finally, regarding benefit Aims to:

  • EU citizens who have registered at the registration office of the municipality of residence;
  • For Italian citizens;
  • Non-EU citizens where there is an EU national;
  • To all non-EU citizens who have and hold an EU residence permit.

As you can see you can benefit from this financial support Assistance from INPS is subject to some consent requirements The above-mentioned. If you think you fit into these categories, apply soon.