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Poland, the former minister was arrested in the palace.  It is a conflict between Tusk and President Duda

Poland, the former minister was arrested in the palace. It is a conflict between Tusk and President Duda

Handcuffs in the presidential palace, hunger strikes, and fierce accusations at the highest levels, not only between the majority and the opposition, but also between the prime minister and the president regarding Poland’s deviation from the democratic environment. It is an unprecedented political and institutional struggle taking place in Warsaw, where just a month ago Donald Tusk, former Prime Minister and former President of the European Council, returned to head the government after 8 years of PiS power. Law and Justice Party led by former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, allowing current President Duda to be elected twice. But these are the developments of the past few hours. Former Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski and his Deputy Minister Maciej Wasik, both from PiS, were arrested on Tuesday evening after being sentenced to two years in prison for abuse of power in matters dating back to 2007, when Kaminski was head of the office's anti-corruption center and ordered an investigation. , later deemed illegal, against a member of the government coalition led by the Law and Justice Party. They were both stripped of their seats as representatives and of their immunity a few days ago, but they deny any responsibility. Kaminsky, who later became coordinator of the secret services and is considered an expression of PiS's authoritarian tendencies, went on a hunger strike and declared himself a political prisoner.

But it was the involvement of the head of state in this case that brought the clash between the two political spirits in Poland to the highest levels. In fact, the arrests took place in the evening inside the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. Twenty-four hours before the arrest, the two defendants appeared alongside President Duda at a ceremony held at the presidential palace, after they escaped from the police who were searching for them, in vain, in their homes to free the handcuffs. The photos published by the Presidency of Kaminsky and his colleagues will not be published. “I will not be intimidated – thundered the head of state – I will act legally, in accordance with the Constitution and the law.”

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Those who accuse PiS of wanting to “unleash chaos” are the Prime Minister, the pro-European and liberal Tusk, who is engaged in a battle to eliminate the policies of his predecessor and dismantle the system of power that PiS has established in the judiciary and parliament. Polish media system in eight years. Claiming its desire to depoliticize public information, the government expelled its leaders and organizers of campaigns against gays and immigrants. But now he is the one PiS accuses of violating the rule of law.