Thursday, July 18, 2024

The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia will begin a joint program to develop hypersonic missiles


On Tuesday the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, based on AUKUS Military Cooperation Agreement (from the abbreviations of the three countries), and announce A new joint program to develop hypersonic missiles and defense systems to protect against their attacks.

The announcement follows the development of hypersonic missiles by powers such as Russia and China, in line with the goals of the AUKUS agreement, which was created in September last year with the (implicit, but somewhat explicit) goal of containing China’s expansion by forming alliances. . in the Pacific region.

High-speed missiles are among the most powerful weapons that exist, which is why they are so sought after by many world powers, which several years ago began very fierce competition for their construction: they are capable of reaching a speed of at least five times that. They are more sonic (but can also be much faster), are as maneuverable and accurate as cruise missiles, and have the speed and massive destructive power of ballistic missiles. In essence, it combines the best technologies of other missiles, which makes all anti-missile systems practically useless until now.

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