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Note, Airbus and Poland have an understanding of geospatial intelligence

Note, Airbus and Poland have an understanding of geospatial intelligence

Airbus Defense and Space signed with Polish government Agreement to supply a complete geospatial intelligence system who will understand In 2027 two new satellites e Already this year Warsaw will be allowed to take advantage of High resolution photos collected From the lunar constellation chandelier New Airbus in orbit from 2021.

Full service agreement

The deal includesin addition to developing and building two new satellites for them as well Launching with related services and entering orbitassociated ground part, maintenance and technical support for all systems and lastly Build a station Dedicated To Poland where the photos will be received directly And whose staff will be trained by Airbus Defense and Space itself.

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Based on the S950 Vhr sensor

The agreement was also reached thanks de supportthe French government It will allow the use of the upgraded equipment for the new satellites Airbus optical satellite named S950 Vhr and used on the Pléiades Neo, the satellites they currently represent One of the reference points for GIS. The two new Polish satellites will be built and validated within the Toulouse facilities.

A system that strengthens Europe

“He will save this contract for Poland One of the most advanced satellite systems in the world to Earth Observation. the last one It strengthens Europe and gives the Polish nation a truly sovereign space capacity. we hope that Develop our cooperation with Poland Under the umbrella of strategic cooperation with France,” said the head of Airbus Space Systems, Jean-Marc Nasr, commenting on the agreement.

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