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Norma Cossetto’s plaque has been defaced

Norma Cossetto’s plaque has been defaced

A plaque dedicated to Norma Cossetto at Belvedere da Bassano in the district of Origina has been defaced. Ahead of the commemoration organized by the far-right, police investigations are underway to identify those responsible for vandalizing the work.

The anti-fascists organized a counter-demonstration coordinated by Anbi and Genova Antipacita today, Sunday morning, October 8, which took place without any particular problems.

Two years ago the Genoa municipality was at the center of the controversy when it placed a plaque dedicated to Norma Cossetto, killed by Yugoslav partisans because she was a fascist fighter near the Foiba of Villa Surani at the Da Bassano lookout. , called “Origina Roundana”. ”. Police and Carabinieri were in charge of the demonstration throughout the morning.

The plaque for Norma Cossetto was repeatedly vandalized and cleaned by militants from the La Superba association affiliated with the far-right group Leilda Agion. Launched in February 2022 in the last legislature, by Lorella Fontana and Mauro Avenente, as mentioned, it has already been the target of the Candals who have corrupted it several times and this time.

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