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“They Want to Control Us” – Il Tempo

“They Want to Control Us” – Il Tempo

New signs of proximity on the Moscow-Beijing axis. Russian and Chinese Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping exchanged views on the Middle East. “The attitudes of Russia and China in favor of a political and diplomatic solution to the Palestinian issue are fully compatible,” the Kremlin said, reporting the contents of the phone call between the two leaders, which also discussed the situation in Ukraine. Russian agencies report this.

Undersea Cable Alarm, Houthis Threaten Global Blackout

Chinese President Xi Jinping told the Russian president that “China is ready to strengthen strategic integration” with Russia, according to official Chinese media reports. Emphasizing “true multilateralism” and “economic globalization for the benefit of all,” Xi reiterated his willingness to “work with Russia for a more just and acceptable system of global governance.” Xi firmly believes that relations between Moscow and Beijing will have “new opportunities for development in the future” after “surmounting many trials”.

Six nukes in one month: Experts on destabilization, terrifying report on Iran

Russian and Chinese leaders have condemned America's policy of meddling in other countries' affairs and accused Washington of “trying to control” Russia and China. The two leaders “rejected the US policy of interfering in the internal affairs of other states” during the phone conversation, the Kremlin's diplomatic adviser Yuri Ushakov pointed out. “Both leaders are well aware that the United States is pursuing a policy of dual containment of Russia and China,” he added. In short, a message for the West in its current crises and beyond.