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Nile fever, the epicenter of the Po Valley virus “hotspot of the virus in Europe.”  here because

Nile fever, the epicenter of the Po Valley virus “hotspot of the virus in Europe.” here because

Milano, July 20, 2023 – Since 2018, the Po Valley has become a West Nile hotspot in EuropeIt was one of the largest outbreaks in Europe. The largest number of cases occurred here.” It is an analysis nicholas ferrari, Associate Professor of Parasitology at the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences at Milan State University. “We did not analyze the trend – the expert continues – but given the humidity and temperature, which are the determinants of mosquito abundance, the world of science reflects on the impact of climate change. But there is another aspect that is often forgotten: it would be interesting to talk about ‘global change’ at the global level”.

Nile fever and how it is transmitted: symptoms and treatment

Climate Change and West Nile

Global change, as the expert explains, consists of two aspects: In addition to Climate changeit is necessary to take into account the “change of land use”, ie Land use change. The element on which attention is focused. “Because the West Nile virus is maintained by populations of wild birds and bird species – Ferrari adds -, the change in the environment also determines the different abundance of different bird species. If the species composition changes, then the abundance of species present in the area, and these are the species responsible for maintaining the virus, cannot but affect the preservation and spread of the disease.

Look for types of “virus reservoirs”

the problem, Ferrari adds, there are many more types and those involved must be identified, but “in Europe today we don’t know who the main culprits are, Virus reservoirs. “Whether they are species that need forest cover, or alternatively species that need greater agricultural diversity. All this – the expert suggests – can be linked to the immediate presence of this infection, with case concentrations One year in the province of Varese, one year in the province of Padua.” What characterizes these regions? This is the fundamental question that can help solve the problem and on which the researchers are working.

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