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The curtain rises on Leo – July 20 at about 21.00


Conjunction July 20 Mars – Regulus – Venus – Moon Credit:

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View on the horizon tonight July 20th at approximately 9 p.m. In Leo: Regulus, the Moon (little sickle), Venus, Mars and Mercury

It’s hard to frame them all in the same shot for several reasons:

– very low on the horizon

– Al-Hilal by only 10%
– Shortly after sunset and twilight light can still be effective
With the exception of Mercury, the four stars: Regulus, Moon, Mars and Venus will be found in a part of the sky of about 7 square degrees. Good enough for one shot.

A clear horizon is necessary. At 20.50 Venus will be only 10 degrees higher on the horizon, and the others will also gradually tend lower.

Size: 1.8
Diameter: 4.0″
Luminous part: 0.962
Stage: 22
Distance: 2.322692159 au
Distance: 347,469,801 km
Distance from the Sun: 1.653167393 au
Distance from the Sun: 247,310,322 km
Speed: 22.2 km / s
Standing angle: 13.5
Pole inclination: 24.5
Solar tilt: 25.1

Size: -4.4
Diameter: 46.2″
Luminous part: 0.151
Stage: 134
Distance: 0.364407696au
Distance: 54,514,615 km
Distance from the Sun: 0.727613028 au
Distance from the Sun: 108,849,360 km
Speed: 34.8 km / s
Standing angle: 19.0
Pole inclination: 3.6
Solar inclination: 1.9

Data collected by Cartes Du Ciel.

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