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Israel and US deny Iraqi drone over Elliott

Israel and US deny Iraqi drone over Elliott

And died e 8 people were injured The cause of the incident bombing hit one The foundation Military Inside Iraq Hosting troops linked to Iran Israel They are In the states United He denied any involvement. Iraqi soldiers and former pro-Iranian paramilitaries were involved in the attack Hacht al-Saabi, integrated with Iraq's regular forces. Some reports highlighted Washington's possible responsibility for the operation, but the US Central Command said no test was conducted in the Middle Eastern state. At the same time, Israel has also distanced itself from any responsibility, while the details of the attack methods are still uncertain.

Blast in Iraq, casualties: Israel and US deny responsibility

On the evening of April 19, a strong explosion He waved one The foundation Military to the south BaghdadIn IraqKnown to be used by Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), ex-paramilitary personnel Iranian bias Hachth al-Saabi's integration into the regular Iraqi army.

According to the latest news Five explosions Asked at the Armed Forces Headquarters at the Army base in KalsuLocated on the highway north of Babylon province, near the city of al-Mashru.

Victims and injured in the attack on the Iraqi military base

Iraqi sources described “bombing“, there will be at least one died and many others were injured, as well as extensive damage to the military base. The same sources could not establish whether the attack was carried out by Drones.

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“At least Three Members “People's mobilization units were injured following the attack,” he said Muhannat al-AnasiMember of the Security Council in Iran.

An investigation team reached the spot and the explosion caused material losses and injuries, PMU said. “We will give you the details once the preliminary investigation is over,” he added.

The US has denied any involvement in the Iraq attack

The In the states United He responded to some news reports that blamed the White House for the attack on Iraq. “The United States did not conduct airstrikes in Iraq today,” the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) announced at X, calling the published information on the matter “not true.”

Combined Joint Task Force and Operation Inherent Resolve, an ongoing multinational mission to defeatIsisHe said the US-led coalition had not launched any attack in Iraq.

At the same time, too Israel I won't get into the news about the bombings in Iraq on Friday evening. This was confirmed by an Israeli official CNN.

Iraq's response: Launching a drone over Elliott in Israel

After the incident on Friday evening, the Pro-Iranian militias in Iraq They made a claim Drone launch vs EliotIn Israel.

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The move was a clear reaction to what it described as “violations” of Iraq's sovereignty and an offensive against Hashed al-Shaabi's troops.

An Islamic resistance group has issued in Iraq Video sui Social media Announcing an attack against “a key target” in southern Israel's Eliot on the border between Egypt and Jordan. “This attack was in response to the violation of Iraqi sovereignty by the Zionist enemy and its attack against the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF),” it said.

The blasts near the Iraqi capital Baghdad came a day after an attack on a military base in Iran's Isfahan, which a US official blamed on Israel.

Photo credit: ANSA