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Puglia has the most beautiful sea in Italy: 99% of its coast has the best water.  Sardinia follows, Abruzzo last: here's the complete ranking

Puglia has the most beautiful sea in Italy: 99% of its coast has the best water. Sardinia follows, Abruzzo last: here’s the complete ranking

From the deep blue of the Polignano a Mare basin to the crystalline beaches of Gallipoli. From the breathtaking waters that stand out from the cliffs of Sant’Andrea to the Caribbean coast of Porto Cesareo. Here, in Puglia, is the most beautiful sea in Italy. It can be said that the latest monitoring report conducted by National Organization for Environmental Protection, a network that coordinates the various regional environmental agencies within the national territory. From analyzes conducted along the coastlines of the entire peninsula, Italy’s heels have been confirmed for the second year in a row. Great for bathing water qualityHere they are 99% is better; Then continue Sardinia (97.6%) and Tuscany (96%).

“Every year the bathing water is subjected to periodic tests to ensure the health of the bathers – explains Vito Bruno, general manager of Arba Puglia -. We are pleased to note that this year Puglia has once again topped Italy for bathing water quality. Not only that. It also leads in the number of samples analyzed in the laboratory (4056)., and in second place in the number of monitored points (676), it has the most extensive coastline after Sicily”. On approximately 1,000 km of Apulian coastline, the current reference law identifies 676 ‘waters’ (or stretches) as intended bathing areas. Total linear about 800 km: In particular, 254 bathing waters have been identified in the province of Foggia, 46 in the province of Bate, 78 in the province of Bari, 88 in the province of Brindisi, 139 in the province of Les and 71 in the province of Taranto. The remaining 1% of bathing water in the ‘not excellent’ quality class concerns the monitoring of the following sites, all in the province of Foggia: three in the territory of Lesina, three in San Nicandro Garganico and one in Monfredonia. Of these seven sites, only one concerns offshore-coastal waters, while the other six represent intertidal waters (Lesina Lagoon in this case).

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Nationally, there are many areas with more than 90% of water in the best class this year; Add the good ones and you’ll get there 94% nationally. Restrictions on bathing water include lakes and (sometimes) rivers, with some areas achieving 100% ideal water. In particular, Puglia has 99% of good water, Sardinia has 97.6% and Tuscany has 96%. Emilia-Romagna with 93.8% of good water, followed by Veneto with 91.4% and Friuli-Venezia Giulia with 90.9%. Among the regions with more than 80% of ideal waters: Marche (89.8%), Basilicata (86.7%), Liguria (86.3%), Calabria (85.5%), Lazio (84 , 1%), Molise (83.3%), Campania (82.8%). ) and Sicily (80.6%). At the bottom of the ranking is Abruzzo with 71.9%.

Arpa Puglia monitors regional bathing waters and verifies their quality. During the seasonal monitoring period, at each ‘station point’ various meteorological-oceanic parameters are measured in the field, while samples are analyzed in the laboratory to determine bacterial loads, which are calculated with respect to threshold values ​​of both. Microbiological parameters: intestinal enterococci and Escherichia coli, indicators of faecal contamination; It is estimated that the Regional Agency for Prevention and Protection of the Environment performs approximately 8,500 analytical laboratory determinations of collected samples each year.