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New property details (expensive)


3 houses are not enough for the royal family. William and Kate are preparing to take over their fourth home, a cottage that in the late 1800s was used only for holidays. Thanks to the renovation, the house will be perfect for accommodating even members of the royal family of past generations.

Kate Middleton is a movie story. The plot will be about a young woman from a good family who, after many adventures to accept her in a higher social environment than her own, manages to conquer even the prince of the United Kingdom. Kate Middleton really did. The current Duchess of Cambridge was not a girl like any other. In addition to being from a wealthy family background, Middleton has always studied in elite schools. During his studies he met Prince William. Thanks to her image as an ordinary girl who ascended the throne, Middleton has become a very influential person.

A completely different fate fell on the wife of Harry, brother of William. Former actress Meghan Markle immediately questioned some of the habits of the royal family. After that, Markle and Harry distanced themselves through the question and answer between them and the Queen, in cold press statements. If you don’t hear about the two of them often anymore, William and Kate will continue to have an organized photo shoot. While the two are usually resented, they are not immune to criticism. This is what happened after the announcement of the expansion of their real estate assets.

William and Kate, fourth house up

The royal couple that William and Kate formed have been the subject of rumors once again. The latest news concerns their fourth house, a fact that highlights how much the royal family has lived on another planet, at least economically. William and Kate has 4 accommodations to choose from in Windsor.

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The announcement of a fourth home available to the Dukes of Cambridge led the couple to come under fire from the British media. Being able to afford the luxury of owning so many properties, which are constantly being renovated and updated, shows that the royal family is unaffected by the economic crisis sweeping the world. The house in Kensington will remain their official residence. The family would also continue to go to Anmer Hall, the Norfolk Estate, and to the cottage at Tam-Na-Ghar. The fourth house should be added to the luxury properties that have at least 10 bedrooms and in some cases 3 kitchens. With only four bedrooms, this Adelaide cottage is equally adequate to accommodate William, Kate and their children. Built in 1831, the cottage was equipped to accommodate royalty only during the summer holidays. Thanks to William and Kate, it will be back to its former glory for much longer.

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