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Mondagon Pizza Festival: Three days of pizza and solidarity. The second edition of the Pizza Festival will take place in Piazza Conti on the waterfront of Mondragon

Mundra Pizza,
Mundra Pizza,

MondraPizza, an event filled with pizza and solidarity in Mondragone on August 28/29/30 at Piazza L. Conte – the former Lungomare pier of Mondragon. There are 17 pizzas with 13 ovens, with a gluten-free yard available, will produce thousands of pasta discs for the many enthusiastic tourists and residents: VesuviusPizza by Pascual de Mayo, Pizza Master by Alfredo Neri, Duck Pizza By Giuseppe Viola Cheers By Francesco Beni Taste 79 by Guido Pacifico, Virgilio Sass Pizza by Maria Rizzuto, pier 46 by Alessandro D’Agostino, MargaeryBy Emilio Taglialatella, Famo Pizza by Guglielmo Antonio, Naples education Written by Bernardo de Anulfo Brussels, green wave from Finiston, Grilled grama pizzaAnd the Whole Pizza 2.0 by Marcello Romano Accorso Pizza by Gennaro Accorso, i Set Marie Pizza Restaurant by Virgilio Sol.

Mundra Pizza
Mundra Pizza

Among these stand out Vesuviusby Pasquale de Mayo, who returned to his hometown as a well-known food, events, pizza and barbecue entrepreneur in Minneapolis, in the central part of the United States, after leaving a secure banking job 15 years ago. Leaving the Neapolitan Education Pizzeria by Bernardo D’Anolfo Mondragon, he traveled to London with many dreams to come true and finally landed in Brussels where he created his own reality that reached space when his pizza took off on a helium weather balloon that reached an altitude of 37,000 meters and landed 4 hours later in the Netherlands.

Mundra Pizza
Mundra Pizza

Make a beer of the best brand, kobo of french fries, and finish off with a prestigious pastry dessert Zanzibar. All accompanied by non-stop shows, music and entertainment, even for the little ones, with the Kids Lab area where kids aged 4-10 can be the protagonists of “Hands in Pasta” workshops to learn the secrets of pizza through play.

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Mundra Pizza
Mundra Pizza

The moment of solidarity will be represented by the opening of the play area for children with different abilities. Testimonials from Salvatore Lionello, Luciano Carceto and Enrico Porzio from the event. There will be performances with comedian Ciro Giustiniani, artist Francesco Secella and folk music by Butare.

Mundra Pizza
Mundra Pizza

Program in detail:

Sunday 28 August:

  • 19:00 Cut the ribbon with champions pizza chefs and local establishments.

– 8.45 pm Live broadcast of the Fiorentina-Napoli match in the Italian Serie A championship.

  • 11.00 pm Screening of the trailer for the movie “The Immortal of Montis Dragonis” presenting our city, its historical beauty and precious resources.

After a live performance by a local band long life mustachea technically valid, engaging 5-element band with a broad repertoire that ranges in every aspect of Italian and world music.

Monday 29 August:

  • 19:00 Presentation of the book “No Pizza”. Contemporary story “Author Luciano Pinataru intervention of the mayor Francesco Lavangaregional advisor Giovanni Zanini Director of “La Buona Tavola Magazine” Renato Rocco.
  • 7.00 pm in the Kids Lab area, children’s entertainment with a “hands-on” workshop for discovery and learning through play.

– 9:30 p.m. “Stres” cabaret show Ciro Justinian Neapolitan comedian, monologue and master of improvisation.

  • 22.30 live show de The Bottari of the Popular Cantica From Macerata Campania that will take us back to the ancient folk tradition perfectly blended with the contemporary.

– After a DJ set.

Tuesday 30 August:

  • 20:30 live music with Joseph Vol
  • 22:00 Francesco Cecilla In “Beware Imitations Show” a musical comedy show of the chameleon hero that will lead us between good music, laughter and lots of improvisation.
  • After the DJ set and fireworks show with fireworks
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